JTL - Janus Transformation Language

In Model Driven Engineering bidirectional transformations are considered a core ingredient for managing both the consistency and synchronization of two or more related models. However, while non-bijectivity in bidirectional transformations is considered relevant, current languages still lack of a common understanding of its semantic implications hampering their applicability in practice.

The Janus Transformation Language (JTL) is a bidirectional model transformation language specifically designed to support non-bijective transformations and change propagation. In particular, the language propagates changes occurring in a model to one or more related models according to the specified transformation regardless of the transformation direction. Additionally, whenever manual modifications let a model be non reachable anymore by a transformation, the closest model which approximate the ideal source one is inferred. The language semantics is also presented and its expressivity and applicability are validated against a reference benchmark. JTL is embedded in a framework available on the Eclipse platform which aims to facilitate the use of the approach, especially in the definition of model transformations.